What we do

We have expertise in many areas, including contracts and contract management, employment matters and a broad spectrum of commercial law issues.  We also provide training and guidance around workplace policies and procedures.

Contracts and contract management
We draft, review and negotiate all types of contracts, including supply, construction, maintenance, confidentiality deeds and non-disclosure agreements, and employment agreements of all types, to name but a few.  We also advise on contractual disputes, including breaches, variations, non payment, defects... The list goes on...

Employment Law
We advise on all areas of employment law, including restructures, redundancies, terminations, performance management, and employment contract matters.  We also carry out independent workplace investigations where there have been allegations made against employees.

Commercial Law
We provide advice on many areas of commercial law covering business and commercial transactions.

We also handle a broad range of insurance issues, debt collection and litigation in all jurisdictions.

We love training individuals and groups so that companies can better manage risk internally, whether it be understanding and managing contractual risk, reviewing and negotiating contracts, or managing workplace policies and procedures, we empower our clients to manage many of their legal matters themselves.